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Creative Director
Stu Wilkinson in the
Thinksmith Boardroom

at Mr D, Napier


Let's make this easy.

Of course, there's work to be done and deadlines to meet. But there's also an opportunity to be part of a fun, creative process - and make some cool stuff you'll be proud of.  Sound like how you'd like to work?

Stu Wilkinson

Stu Wilkinson is a former advertising agency creative director who works with a small group of clients on communication, branding, and marketing projects.


Stu also works collaboratively with other creatives on larger scope or specialist projects and sub-contracts specific skills as required.


Stu's key role is to fully understand communication objectives as they relate to your business development or organisational goals. Then, with a small team of creatives, to create tools to help achieve them.

Stu has developed a diverse network. With both clients and creatives, the emphasis is on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. 

Julia Jameson Design

Thinksmith regularly collaborates with Julia Jameson Design, who conveniently work out of the same office space. Joint projects range from working on career recruitment campaigns across web, video and print, to getting coffee and discussing what's on Netflix.

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